Thursday, February 01, 2007

You can calculate your ecological footprint at The statement at the end about how many worlds we would need if everyone lived like us really makes you think. I've only recently realised that the more we in industrialised countries consume the less there is for others in the third world. Who invented the term "third world" anyway? It makes you think that they are on a different planet with less resources and our over consumption is disconnected from their under consumption. Quite convenient really... the reality is the opposite. Our wealth allows us to buy the resources and work hours of the third world for next to nothing and leave the people there to starve.
I was chatting to Mum about different types of GreenPower. I feel that we should be avoiding biomass power generation because while it can be argued that it is a carbon neutral process because the carbon stored in the biomass is released then restored in new biomass it would be better to let the biomass compost naturally and therefore store the carbon in the soil. This process improves the soil rather than degrading it by constantly extracting minerals and nutrients. It is argued by some people that a significant amount of carbon could be sequestered into our soils in this way. Soil degradation is yet another significant issue that we will face in the coming years.

Here's a link about a proposed biomass power plant that could have a devastating impact on the ecosystem in the Huon Valley in Tasmania:

For more info on greenpower go to

For a comprehensive review of the issues of peak oil, climate change and the current geopolitical situation being caused by energy security issues go to:
Recently I went to my first meeting of the Southern Grazers and Growers which is a group of permaculture enthusiasts in the Marion area. It's seems to be a great group of people that enjoy having fun, learning and helping each other. I'm looking forward to blackberry picking with them on Sunday.