Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How about the serenity...

Well it's been ages since I last posted but that's mainly because we moved to our block and have had trouble getting the NextG wireless modem to play with our new MacBooks.

We are loving our new life but it's not without it's challenges. The veggie garden that I eagerly began the second day we were here has been abandoned until we build better fences because of the number of wallabies that invade our property at night. It seems the little buggers eat everything they can see. Then crap everywhere. I'm thinking about wallaby stew right now.

The grass in our lower paddocks is quite high now and we have arranged for a local farmer to bring his cattle in soon to eat it down so it's not a fire hazard. In return he's going to help me with my fencing. Right now they are munching down the grass at Peg's house next door. Here's a pic of the Black Angus he has.

We are also looking at getting a goat or two to tether on our weeds and possibly for milking, however it's a big commitment to milk twice a day so it might be pushing things just now. Though we are getting a rooster and some chooks so it's likely we won't have any more lazy mornings ;-)