Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well. Things are working out nicely for our move to Tasmania. We sold our investment property easily and very nicely indeed. I have tendered my resignation at work, effective at the end of the year. Now we need to get our house ready to sell, and find some land in Tasmania. Both those should be happening shortly!

Monte is renovating the bathroom as I write this. He is very busy getting everything done.

Our home is a bustle of excitement. Even Georgia is eager to move to fresher pastures. She is very excited. Matthew doesn't know what is going on, but he is very happy just the same! He's walking more and more.

Recently the weather in Adelaide was quite warm, with temperatures in the 30s. It felt so hot. Now it is cool, wet and windy. I am looking forward to a cooler summer in Tassie. The average summer temperature there is just 21 degrees. That sounds lovely! I think the sun has a real bite to it there, but 21 has got to be better than 40+.

Going out to tea tonight to celebrate the sale of the house. I want to get a bottle of Moet but Monte doesn't like champagne.