Saturday, December 09, 2006

One of the things we've started to handle our organic wastes in a worm farm. The one we got was the Reln Worm Factory.
The worms feed on the vegetable and other biodegradeable matter, living their whole lives in this worm paradise. They reproduce in large numbers and the cycle continues. The worm castings (or worm poo) is fine soil full of the nutrients essential for good plant growth. Garden soil containing plenty of worms or fed on worm castings is rich in nutrients and humus - excellent for maintaining your garden in good condition.
Harvesting of castings is easy because the worms move up, leaving their rich casting behind. The liquid fertiliser produced collects in the bottom bos - it can be collected via the tap. This is full of nutrients and should be used to feed your plants.
The Reln Worm Factory is fly and vermin proof and stands on four sturdy legs.
The Reln worm Factory is a fun and educational exercise the whole family can participate in. It is made here in Australia by an Australian company from 100% recycled plastic.