Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Decision

We have decided to move down to Tasmania next year.

We're doing this for a number of reasons. Firstly, we have always dreamed of living on a plot of land, growing our own food and raising some animals. We want the space, the fresh air and the freedom. Secondly, we've chosen Tasmania for its resources, as well as the property values. We love Tasmania, and have travelled there a few times throughout our life together. Thirdly, we want an opportunity to build a strawbale home. We love the idea of being independent, producing our own energy and necessities, like food. We love the idea of doing our little bit for the environment.

For now, we're looking into the logistics of the move, as well as getting our two houses ready to sell. We'll sell the rental property first, and with that money, we'll buy some land. We're going to need to decide whether we live onsite, or rent nearby, and to make that decision there are several factors we must consider: the children's needs (Georgia is starting kindergarten next year); distance to the property; travel time; finances etc.

The hardest part of preparing to move is preparing to leave my good friend, Amanda, and our families. I know these relationships will survive, and that we'll have house guests frequently, so that soothes the pain a bit. Georgia and Frances have grown up together. It will be sad not to see them play practically every day, but I believe they too will be friends for ever. Besides, we're going to try to talk Amanda and Wayne to come down to Tassie too. Mwahahahahaha