Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harsh realities

I often come against the criticism of being too pessamistic in my assessment of what the future will be like for our children. Given the news I read sometimes I think I'm being too optimistic! There really seems to be so little being done to mitigate the consequences of our actions at the moment. So to backup some of the things I outlined in my 'Glimpsing the future' post I've included a list of links:

Mass migration -,,2078954,00.html Soil depletion -
Water shortage -
Fishery collapse -
Murray River -
Adelaide water -
Energy depletion -
Grain supply -
Food security -
Biofuels v food -
Peak Oil -

I hope this clarifies the situation. Even assuming the best case scenario for each, all of these things combined means severe hardship in one way or another.